On February 26, 2016, Sahachart Group held a New Year party with the concept called “Back to School” at The Verona at Tublan, Prachinburi. Our Managing Director, Mr. Lerd Bhakdibhumi was the chairman of this event and also presented awards to employees who participated in the contests such as fancy custom contest, singing contest, performance contest, etc. This event ended with every employees having fun and impressed.


One of the most important days in Thailand is Children’s Day which takes place on the second Saturday in January in each year. Throughout the years, Sahachart Sethakit Co., Ltd. has always supported and cerebrated this event, and this year we continue to do so. We set up the celebration on January 11, 2014 at Sahachart Sethakit Wittaya School and prepared activities for children to participate such as football match, cheer competition, games, etc. We gave away gifts and food and made sure every one of them went back home with a smile on their faces.
This activity was one of many we intend to continue supporting to encourage children to grow up to be a major force for national development just like 2014 Children’s Day motto;
“Be grateful. Know your duty.
Be good. Have discipline.
Make Thailand strong.”